• 須賀 昭初 展
  • 須賀 昭初 展

須賀 昭初 展Exhibition by Shohatsu SUGA

2023年6月19日 ー 2023年7月8日June 19, 2023 - July 08, 2023








Hino gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Shohatsu Suga from Monday, June 19th, 2023.

Raw cotton canvas has been (what could be construed as) a catalyst for Suga's creative endeavors to this day. Suga's first encounter with this material was in 1974, soon after he began his career as an artist. Although it is hard to imagine now, Suga was instantly drawn to this fascinating material, which was still new to him at the time. From then on, the artist began to use this material, as well as mediums and colors, to create paintings with a physical approach.

For his last solo exhibition at Hino gallery in 2017, Suga presented some works based on a technique he acquired in the late 1990s. For this process, he stained raw canvases (a technique of soaking with thinned paint), and applied a transparent medium, then added more or less color to the surfaces after they were sufficiently dry. This process is not a "re-production" but a "further experimentation" for Suga, and as a suggestion of this continuation, the work presented in this exhibition is also the result of his reconsideration of canvas, medium, color, and their physical properties in the context of his own expression of painting.

In a recent group exhibition Suga participated in, he commented, "Thinking with a canvas is a method and a principle": it can be said that the artist is not trying to depict some sort of representation of himself, but rather, he is attempting to derive a painting by interacting with a blank bare canvas. This may sound like a kind of materialistic approach, but somehow Suga places the canvas and other materials on an equal footing with himself, and aims to formulate his work in an interactive relationship with them. The application of mediums and colors is largely dependent on the reaction of the materials, and the abundant blank space of the canvas shows Suga's utmost respect for the materials that fascinate him, suggesting that a spiritual exchange has been taking place between the two for a long time.

This will be Suga's first solo exhibition at Hino gallery in five and a half years. We hope you will enjoy viewing his paintings, which have been repeatedly reconsidered and rediscovered by Suga during that time.

Photography: Tadahisa Sakurai

*No opening reception will be held. Please wear a mask if possible when you come to the gallery.