• 佐川晃司 《絵画意識》

佐川晃司 《絵画意識》Koji Sagawa "Painting Conscious"

2022年3月5日 ー 2022年4月2日March 05, 2022 - April 02, 2022


1955年福井県に生まれた佐川は、高校時代に絵を描くことを志し、進学のため上京、1985年東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科博士後期課程を満期退学すると、同年より京都精華大学に勤め、以降は関西を拠点に活動を続けてきました。 東京藝術大学油画専攻在学当初は、時代とともに美術状況の大きな転換期であり、佐川も一時は絵画を離れ、立体や映像による表現を試みます。しかし暗中模索の時期を経て、次第に「絵画という枠に保証されているからこその自由さ」に確信を得て、再び絵画に向き合い、1980年頃から今日まで一貫して色面や線、幾何学的な形からなる独自の画風を確立してきました。




Image: 制作中のアトリエ 2022.1.15

Hino gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition entitled "Painting Conscious" by Koji Sagawa from Saturday March 5, 2022.

Sagawa was born in Fukui Prefecture in 1955. He decided to become a painter when he was in high school, and moved to Tokyo for higher education. In 1985, he withdrew from the doctoral program of the Tokyo University of the Arts, and in the same year, he began working at Kyoto Seika University. While he was a student on the oil painting course at Tokyo University of the Arts, the art world was in a period of transition, and he temporarily left painting and tried to express himself through three-dimensional art and video. However, after a period of “groping in the dark”, he gradually became convinced by a sense of “freedom that is guaranteed by the frame of painting”, and turned his attention to painting again, consistently establishing his own unique style consisting of colored surfaces, lines, and geometric shapes: this practice has continued from around 1980 until today.

Sagawa's studio is located in the countryside surrounded by the rolling mountains of Shiga Prefecture. The artist, who emphasizes that making work is part of daily life, says that “painting is an extremely important way to keep in touch with the irreplaceability of life” and, “I would like to produce works that essentially question the possibilities of pictorial expression by considering the relationship between perception and the landscape around us.” It could be said that through the motifs related to diamonds and triangles that appear in Sagawa's paintings, the viewer can somehow experience a closer connection to natural scenery and landscape painting as opposed to figurative depictions of the landscape.

This will be his first solo exhibition in Tokyo in 22 years, and his first at Hino gallery. This exhibition will feature the most recent works as well as representative oil paintings from recent years. We hope you will enjoy the exhibition.

*To prevent the spread of COVID-19, no opening reception will be held. Please wear a mask when you come to the gallery. Also, please note that our regular opening hours have changed to 11am - 6pm. The period of the exhibition and opening hours may change according to future circumstances. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Image: Studio in progress 2022.1.15