• 真島 直子 《脳内麻薬 2021》
  • 真島 直子 《脳内麻薬 2021》

真島 直子 《脳内麻薬 2021》Naoko Majima "Brain Drug 2021"

2021年12月6日 ー 2021年12月25日December 06, 2021 - December 25, 2021

ヒノギャラリーでは2021年12月6日(月)より「真島直子《脳内麻薬 2021》」を開催いたします。





Hino gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition entitled “Brain Drug 2021” by Naoko Majima from Monday, December 6th, 2021.

Majima was born in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture in 1944. She moved to Tokyo to study at Tokyo University of the Arts, and since then has been working as an artist mainly in Tokyo.

Majima had been on a hiatus from oil painting for a long time but has recently turned her attention back to it. This could be seen as an inevitable return for the artist, who has continually produced her work organically, so to speak, through trial and error. In the recent work it appears her established styles: "objects work" and "pencil drawing: fine lined pencil work" have been fused together. In the series of works entitled "Brain Drug," which she began creating around 2013, she exposes, what could be construed as, the unreasonable nature of living things and the irrationality of the world. For Majima, to express herself through drawing and painting is a way of life, and if that in itself is considered inexplicable absurdity, then the images expressed on the canvas will appear to our eyes as increasingly unknowable and peculiar: something never seen before.

This is Naoko Majima's first solo exhibition at Hino gallery in six years, and we are pleased to present her new oil paintings, including a large-scale 193 x 390 cm work. We hope you will enjoy the exhibition.

*To prevent the spread of COVID-19, no opening reception will be held. Please wear a mask when you come to the gallery. Also, please note that our regular opening hours have changed to 11am - 6pm. The period of the exhibition and opening hours may change according to future circumstances. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.