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2021年4月25日 ー 2021年5月31日April 25, 2021 - May 31, 2021


尚、次回展覧会は6月7日(月)より「是枝開 新作展」を開催予定です。詳細は後日こちらのWEBサイト、及び、弊廊のSNSにてご案内申し上げます。

Image: 多和圭三 「しま」 2019, 鉄

Hino gallery is temporarily closed from April 25th to May 31th due to a state of emergency that has been declared for Tokyo. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

The next exhibition will be "Recent Works by Hiraku Kore-eda," start from Monday, June 7th. Further information will be announced on this website and our social media.

Image: Keizo TAWA "Shima" 2019, iron