• ティム・ヘミングトン  “Elsewhere”
  • ティム・ヘミングトン  “Elsewhere”

ティム・ヘミングトン “Elsewhere”Tim Hemington "Elsewhere"

2020年4月6日 ー 2020年4月25日April 06, 2020 - April 25, 2020

ヒノギャラリーでは2020年4月6日(月)より「ティム・ヘミングトン “Elsewhere”」を開催いたします。

今回発表するシリーズ “Elsewhere” は、ヘミングトンの制作において常に興味の対象にある相対する二項の「はざま」へのアプローチから生まれた作品といえるかもしれません。
作家が絶えず持ち続けるこの領域への興味は、手法は異なりますが、前回2017年の弊廊での個展で発表した “Paradox” シリーズからもうかがうことができます。偶然と必然、作為と無作為、混沌と秩序、それら二極構造を意識し生成されたのが “Paradox” シリーズですが、その境界にさらに踏み込み、より曖昧な領域への働きかけによってもたらされたのが今回の “Elsewhere” シリーズです。




"We cast a shadow on something wherever we stand." E.M.Forster
In loving memory of Masanobu Nakao 1945-2020

Hino gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition entitled “Elsewhere” by Tim Hemington from Monday, April 6th, 2020.

Tim Hemington’s latest series of paintings entitled “Elsewhere” reflects his long-term inquiry into the relationship of two contrasting events or actions, that are manifested in the finished works that occupy an “in between” space: one that is usually associated with other media.

This specific interest provided an anchor for the content of his previous series entitled “Paradox”, which was showcased in his solo exhibition at Hino gallery in 2017. It could be said that “Paradox” was generated from a balanced equation of binary oppositions: such as the predictable and the unpredictable, the intentional and the unintentional, and order and chaos. Whereas “Elsewhere” has been created by the artist’s focus on boundaries and provides a further step into these undefined areas.

In regard to the paintings, this “in between” that Hemington is continuously exploring, is a dividing point between abstraction and figuration, and perhaps illusion and facticity, but it also includes a sense of memory, time and existence that the artist has become more conscious of through his familiar experiences in recent years. Hemington’s work exposes the difficulties when attempting to define boundaries but, at the same time, suggests that we are all ultimately living and able to live despite the impossibility of any existential absolutes.

Many of the works are produced by hanging a main vertical panel on the wall and placing an accompanying panel on the floor, then applying a different number of applications of splattered thin oil paint from a fixed position, or conversely in the darker works, by applying thinners to remove the grounds. They are installed in the exhibition in the same way as they were produced in the studio. These accumulated splashed or thrown applications allow an emergence on the canvas that suggests both temporariness and continuousness of memory or time, and Hemington attempts to visualize the undefinable “in betweeness” of two things by using a monochromatic light and dark palette, that gives the viewer a sense of a yin and yang relationship, which is practically inseparable.

The physical scale of the panels reflects an average human scale. The wall panel invokes a feeling of a door or entrance while the floor panel suggests a step, and this creates a physical dynamic between the viewer and the work. The viewer should feel a sense of physical relationship with the space and the works and should perceive the works as portholes perhaps: a lure into “Elsewhere” that could be “in between.” In this instance, the paintings that had existed as subjects turn into objects and create an installation like space.

Hino gallery is presenting a solo exhibition by Hemington for the first time in 3 years. We hope you will enjoy the paintings individually, and also as an installation, and experience the “in between” that the artist is exploring.

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