• 松本 陽子《振動する風景的画面》
  • 松本 陽子《振動する風景的画面》

松本 陽子《振動する風景的画面》Yoko Matsumoto "Landscape-Like Surface Vibrates"

2019年10月5日 ー 2019年10月26日October 05, 2019 - October 26, 2019


松本陽子が緑の油彩画に取り掛かったのは2005年。それから15年近く経った今も、作家はこの宿望ともいえる緑の絵画に挑み続けております。 近作は、画面に現れる形や線がよりシンボリックになりながらも、まるでそれらは初めから想定されていたかのように実に自然に生成され、空間を成立させています。そこには画家の持って生まれた感性もさることながら、画面から発せられるわずかなサインをキャッチし、定着させていくという、松本が制作の中で培った熟練技ともいえる営為の成果を感じずにはいられません。作家はよく「芸術はこれから、進歩はしないけれど進化はする」と話します。絵画に向き合い続け60年、捧げてきた時間と、なにより眼前に現れる自身の作品が、毎回確かな説得力をもってそのことを証明してくれるのでしょう。



なお、10月20日(日)まで東京都現代美術館で開催の「リニューアル・オープン記念展 MOTコレクション第2期 ただいま/はじめまして」では、前回弊廊の個展にて発表した緑の油彩画《宇宙エーテル体再び》(2016)を含む松本作品がご覧いただけます。この機会に合わせてご高覧いただければ幸いです。

Hino gallery is pleased to present “Landscape-Like Surface Vibrates,” an exhibition of new work by Yoko Matsumoto, which opens from Saturday, October 5th, 2019.

Yoko Matsumoto embarked on her green oil painting series in 2005 and has continued, to this day, to pursue this cherished desire for nearly 15 years. In Matsumoto’s recent works, the forms and lines have become more symbolic, yet retain a certain sense of spontaneity and appear to be generated all on their own, as if they were supposed to be there all along, and overtake the canvas in its entirety. Such work could arise not only due to the painter’s innate sensibility, but also due to her artistic skill or mastery that she has cultivated over the years, which, during her process, enables her to sense a sort of sign or signal from the work and determine whether anything on the canvas should remain or not.

The artist herself often says “From here on out, art may not progress further, but [rather] evolve.” The 60-year period Matsumoto has dedicated to painting, along with every single work that emerged before her eyes would serve to demonstrate this with unwavering conviction.

The exhibition is entitled “Landscape-Like Surface Vibrates,” the same as Matsumoto’s last exhibition. She came up with the title for a work more than 25 years ago and has occasionally given it to other works since then. Matsumoto’s paintings could be said to be “Landscape-Like” in terms of the fact that the artist attempts to paint the intangible quality of nature. However, the force lodged in her painting - powerful enough to vibrate the work itself - is almost comparable to the force of nature itself. Matsumoto’s works are, as it were, scenery, the unique product of an artist whose senses have been so enriched in nature. Matsumoto’s works are, perhaps, newly evolved landscapes, born as a product of the entirety of the artist’s sensory and spiritual experiences throughout her life; reflections of the soul of the artist herself.

Hino gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition by Matsumoto for the first time in two and a half years. It features her most recent work, such as green oil paintings and a developed, large-scale white painting. They are vibrant, yet in a way soft and gentle, as though a reflection of the artist herself who is now over 80 years old.

Concurrently, Matsumoto’s works, including a green oil painting entitled “Ether Universe Again” (2016), showcased in her last solo show at our gallery, will be on display through Sunday, October 20th in the exhibition “MOT Collection Part 2: Pleased to Meet You. New Acquisitions in Recent Years” at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo. We hope you will find the opportunity to visit to see the works there, as well as her latest paintings in our gallery.