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  • 高見澤文雄  新作展

高見澤文雄 新作展Fumio Takamizawa Recent Works

2018年4月9日 ー 2018年4月28日April 09, 2018 - April 28, 2018

ヒノギャラリーでは2018年4月9日(月)より「高見澤文雄 新作展」を開催いたします。



Reference images:《水底の木洩れ日 F》 2016, 油彩・キャンバス, 162×162 cm,《水底の木洩れ日 H》 2016, 油彩・キャンバス, 162×162 cm

Hino gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Fumio Takamizawa from Monday, April 9th, 2018.

Repeating and layering are essential processes in the production of Takamizawa’s works. Since he began his career as an artist in the 1970s, despite using different materials and methods, the evidence of his preoccupation with these two actions has been consistently apparent and it remains as evident today.

For the past 20 years, Takamizawa has been making oil paintings inspired by water waves and lambency on the surfaces of rivers. He begins each painting by projecting his own photographic images of the surfaces of water onto canvas and he then traces the light reflections with oil painted lines again and again in such a way as to mirror the rippling movement of the water through his use of layering: there is no absolutely stable aspect when it comes to the restless waves of a flowing river. Takamizawa paints the lines using a range of different colors as if trying to recall the mesmerizing effect of every tiny undulation of drifting water. Ultimately only the excessive layers of the traced lines remain on the canvas, which look no longer than an images used to set up the initial motifs. His concerns about fluidity and the acts of repeating and layering also suggest the artist’s interest in time. The heavy layered lines can be said to exist in the past, the present and the future, as only fractions of time. The initial layers are barely visible in the paintings’ resolved states, but their presences are felt. There is an indication of change from one moment to another, constantly in transition. Takamizawa’s works are a sort of representation of natural providence and his excessive use of repeated and layered processes are essential actions to cut him free from all subject matter in order to generate pristine expression, which lends itself to the association with more primordial elements.

We are presenting a solo exhibition by Takamizawa for the first time in 2 years. The artist himself acknowledges that he has been insatiably continuing to use repetition and layering in his work for over 40 years. We hope you will enjoy his most recent works, which have been created using the same processes again.

Reference images: "Light Filtering Through the Trees on the Bottom of Water F" 2016, oil on canvas, 162×162 cm, "Light Filtering Through the Trees on the Bottom of Water H" 2016, oil on canvas, 162×162 cm