• 増田 聡子 「庭にて」
  • 増田 聡子 「庭にて」
  • 増田 聡子 「庭にて」
  • 増田 聡子 「庭にて」
  • 増田 聡子 「庭にて」

増田 聡子 「庭にて」Satoko Masuda "In the Garden"

2017年7月3日 ー 2017年7月22日July 03, 2017 - July 22, 2017

ヒノギャラリーでは2017年7月3日(月)より「増田聡子 −庭にて−」を開催いたします。


庭にて − 風と森
風と森の地を想い 庭仕事をする。
あらゆる土地を耕すことは出来ないし 全ての神秘を知ることもできない。
まずは 足元にひとつぶの種子をまくように
今 この有り様をひと筆ずつ刻んで行く。
2016. 8 増田聡子



Images: 《庭にて−花鎮》 2017, 油彩・キャンバス, 162×327cm, 《ツギル・時色−I》 2017, 油彩・キャンバス, 194×130cm, 《ツギル・時色−II》 2017, 油彩・キャンバス, 194×130cm, 《庭にて−風と森II》 2016, 顔彩・アクリル・西の内和紙, 左隻 180×360cm 右隻 180×360cm, 《庭にて−風と森I》 2016, 顔彩・アクリル・西の内和紙, 200×320cm

Hino gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition entitled, “In the Garden” by Satoko Masuda from Monday, July 3rd, 2017.

Since 1980, Satoko Masuda has been making paintings, which capture a sense of the vitality of nature by suggesting images of plants and light or atmosphere, in particular, through her use of colour. In her early work, she frequently juxtaposed geometric graphic forms with organic shapes. The canvas frames she used at that time were transformational “shaped canvases”, which made her paintings strikingly original. Masuda has pursued possibilities in painting by taking various approaches, yet around 2000, her approaches became simpler, purer and more primal and she began using rectangular canvases. The earlier sense of intricacy, generated by the use of many colours and forms, has been reduced.

Masuda wrote the following statement relating to the work included in this exhibition.

In the Garden - winds and forests
I work in the garden, thinking of a land of winds and forests.
No one can cultivate all lands, just as no one can know all mysteries.
So, I will start the here and now, making it stroke by stroke
− as if sowing seeds at my feet.
Aug. 2016 Satoko Masuda

Masuda has consistently attempted to describe elusive, formless, invisible immeasurable forces like fertility found in nature whilst simultaneously questioning her own place as a human being within the grand spectrum of life as we know it. However, it seems that the earlier sense of heterogeneity yielded in chaos, coupled with toughness or dynamism echoed in nature, that were daringly brought to the canvas to coexist, have changed in recent years. Masuda has tried to incorporate all the senses in an attempt to gain a more comprehensive and flexible point of view that feels both spontaneous and honest.

Hino gallery is presenting a solo exhibition by Masuda for the first time in three years. This time we will show her most recent oil paintings and also a folding screen piece and a set of three hanging scrolls, which were executed for KENPOKU ART 2016 in Ibaraki, painted on Japanese paper called Nishinouchi Washi, which is designated as a national cultural heritage material. We hope you will enjoy Masuda’s recent works, which incorporate a fresh sense of suppleness and pliancy.

Images: "In the Garden - hanashizume" 2017, Oil on canvas, 162×327cm, "TUKIR - I" 2017, Oil on canvas, 194×130cm, "TUKIR - II" 2017, Oil on canvas, 194×130cm, "In the Garden - winds and forests II" 2016, Color and acrylic on paper, Left: 180×360cm / Right: 180×360cm, "In the Garden - winds and forests I" 2016, Color and acrylic on paper, 200×320cm