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  • 中村 功  新作展
  • 中村 功  新作展
  • 中村 功  新作展

中村 功 新作展Isao Nakamura Recent Works

2016年11月7日 ー 2016年11月26日November 07, 2016 - November 26, 2016

ヒノギャラリーでは11月7日(月)より「中村功 新作展」を開催いたします。

Image: 《意勢 VII-19》 2016, 油彩・キャンバス, 194×259 cm, 《意勢 VII-18》 2016, 油彩・キャンバス, 162×130.3 cm, 《意勢 VII-17》 2016, 油彩・キャンバス, 162×194 cm

Hino gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of recent paintings by Isao Nakamura from Monday, November 7th 2016.

It could be said that Isao Nakamura is one of those painters who continually searches for a sense of “painterliness” in his work. During the 1970s, he produced monochromatic paintings in a systematic way. However, over time, and mostly during the act of making itself, Nakamura found that he yearned for a sense of liberation from the restrictive nature of this early orderly constructed oeuvre. Since he started to heed this “voice of liberation” in the late 1980s, he has been developing a new body of paintings which he has titled using a coined word “ISEI” - literally translated from Japanese Kanji as “Mind Vigor”.

For Nakamura, the preferred interpretation of ‘mind’ suggests a constantly transforming emotional approach to his work. The marks, forms, gestures and colors within the paintings are applied subconsciously and therefore unpredictably, resulting in unintentional compositions rendered in paint on canvas. One action triggers another and ultimately generates a chain reaction. Nakamura believes that ‘pure painting’ can exist when the event (the act of making), overrides preconception. “ISEI” is a working process that Nakamura has applied during his 40-year career as a painter and one that he will continue to explore.

This time hino gallery will show the most recent paintings from the “ISEI” series which includes large scale works of the dimensions 194cm x 259cm. We hope you will enjoy the dynamism that radiates from these paintings.

Image: 《ISEI VII-19》 2016, Oil on canvas, 194×259 cm, 《ISEI VII-18》 2016, Oil on canvas, 162×130.3 cm, 《ISEI VII-17》 2016, Oil on canvas, 162×194 cm